1. Deactivating the software to move to a new computer
If you need to move the software to a new computer, you will need to deactivate the software on the current computer so you can use your license on a different computer.

2. Install FTDI USB Driver for Windows
Install/Update FTDI USB Driver used by BlackCat, Pazzles, Silver Bullet, USCutter & more.

3. How to install an unsigned driver on Windows 8
Some drivers for some cutter models are unsigned and may be a problem when trying to install on Windows 8.

4. How to install Linux and Wine on a Chromebook (Linux Crouton method)
In order to run Sure Cuts A Lot on a Chromebook, you will need to install Linux and Wine first.

5. How to install Linux and Wine on a Chromebook (Linux Crostini method with minimal driver support)
In order to run Sure Cuts A Lot on a Chromebook, you will need to install Linux and Wine first. This method will use the built in Linux on Chromebooks. This is easier to setup than the Linux Crouton method, however this method will only work with cutters that use the FTDI driver.


1. Sending designs from SCAL 6 to cut with SCAL2 for Cricut
How to cut designs made with SCAL6 with SCAL 2 for Cricut.

2. Blade Offset Settings
What the Blade Offset settings does.

3. Blade Overcut Setting
What the Blade Overcut setting does.

4. How to Import Artwork with Registration Marks
Importing custom registration marks so you can print your artwork outside of SCAL for a Print+Cut

5. Communicate to your Cutter from SCAL3 for IOS and Android
How to cut your designs from the IOS and Android tablet versions.

6. Print and Cut
How to do a Print+Cut.

7. Export as SVG to use with Cricut Design Space
How to export your design to upload into Cricut Design Space to cut with the Cricut Explore.

8. Using the Knockout Effect

9. Batch FCM Converter
How to batch convert SVG files to Brother FCM ScanNCut files.

10. Selection Tool
Some tips on how to use the selection tool in Sure Cuts A Lot.

11. Stencil Tool
How to use the stencil tool in Sure Cuts A Lot.

12. Font Preview
Preview your text in different fonts in Sure Cuts A Lot.

13. Object On Path
Place objects on paths.

14. Shadow Layer (Contour Cut)
Adding a shadow layer around a design.

15. Group, Ungroup, Break Apart, Merge
Differences for Group, Ungroup, Break Apart, & Merge.

16. Keep Proportions
How the keep proportions setting works.

17. Type Tool
Different type tools available (horizonta, vertical, on path, on arch).

18. Weeding
Adding a weeding border and weeding lines.

19. Cut By Color
Separate by color.

20. Tiles
Dividing your design into smaller tiles.

21. Weld vs Union
Example of using the Weld and Union operations

22. Hook Effect
Example of making a shape look like it is going through a hole

23. Zoom Tools
Different ways to zoom in/out

24. Property Bar
How to open multiple tabs from the Properties Bar

25. Mat Orientation
Settings the mat orienation to Horizontal (landscape) or Vertical (portrait)

26. Cut Mode
Difference between the cut modes when cutting

27. Edit Tool
How to use the edit tool

28. Draw Tool
How to use the draw tool

29. Objects Are Not Filling With Color
Settings to look at if the fill is not showing on the screen

30. Objects Are Cutting Too Many Times
Settings to look at if your shapes are cutting more times than wanted.

Black Cat & Silver Bullet

1. Cutter Setup
Basic setup tips prior to cutting with the BlackCat or SilverBullet machines.

BossKut Gazelle Driver Setup

1. Gazelle USB Driver Setup for Windows
Install USB Driver for Gazelle.


1. Graphtec Step Size
If cuts are coming out larger or smaller than expected, there might be a mismatch of the Step Size between the Graphtec and software.


1. Mimaki CG/AR Sheet Setup
How to load a sheet into a Mimaki CG/AR for cutting with Sure Cuts A Lot.


1. Add Roland BN-20 Cut Contour Lines
How to use Sure Cuts A Lot to add Roland BN-20 cut contour lines.


1. Using USCutter MH-MK2 with a Mac
How to use Sure Cuts A Lot for Mac with a USCutter MH-MK2 with a serial adapter.


1. Adobe Illustrator Plugin
Plugin to send artwork from Illustrator to Sure Cuts A Lot.

2. CorelDRAW Plugin (SCAL Pro only)
Plugin to send artwork from CorelDRAW to Sure Cuts A Lot Pro.

3. Inkscape Plugin
Plugin to send artwork from Inkscape to Sure Cuts A Lot.


1. Reset Bluetooth Module OSX
Troubleshooting Bluetooth issues on Mac OSX

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