Graphtec Step Size

If your cuts are coming out larger or smaller then it should be, then the Step Size setting may need to be adjusted.

Step Size refers to the cutting resolution where 256 (0.10mm) is the lowest resolution and 2032 (0.010mm) is the highest resolution. Higher cutting resolution will allow finer cutting detail. Most cutters on the market use 1016 (0.025mm).

If cuts are larger than they should be, then the Step Size in the software needs to be increased or the step size on the Graphtec needs to be decreased. For example, if the Graphtec step size is set to 0.050 mm and the software step size is set to 0.025 mm, then cuts will come out twice as large.

On the Graphtec, there will be an option to set the Step Size. It may be under the Command Language option.

In the software, you can open the Cutter Settings by choose Cutter Settings from the Cutter menu or clicking the Settings button in the Cut window.

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