Silver Bullet & Black Cat Cutter Setup

Before connecting your Cutter to your computer, install the VCP Driver

After installing the driver on Windows, you should see your cutter show up as USB Serial Port with a COM port number assigned. The COM port number assigned will most likely be different on your computer.

After the driver is installed, connect your Cutter to your computer with the USB Cable. Now when you choose to Cut to bring up the Cut Settings window, if you look at the Port drop down, you should see an entry similar to the one shown below. You can either keep the Port set to <Auto> or manually choose the entry for your Cutter.

Next you will need to make sure the baud rate set on the Cutter matches what is set in the software. If you hit the Menu button on the Cutter to cycle through the menu options, you should see a setting for BR as shown below. By default it should be set to 38400.

To see what is set in the software, click the Settings button

Now you should see a drop down for Baud. By default this will be set to 38400. Make sure this value matches what is set on the Cutter.

When you are ready to send your design to the Cutter to cut, make sure the Cutter is set to ONLINE mode.

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