Sure Cuts A Lot 2 for Windows - Version History


  • Fixed a problem with the Personal Library with certain scut/scut2 files
  • Updated USB Driver in insatller
  • Fixed orientation when cutting with CraftROBO


  • Fixed a problem with adding images/patterns to objects
  • Fixed a problem with Text on Path when trying to convert it to outlines
  • Fixed the Print option not working


  • Fixed a problem with certain scut2 project files not opening
  • Fixed SVG import where layers were not being imported
  • Fixed an issue with cutting with CraftRobo machines


  • Added rhinestone option under Object menu
  • Added Project Notes under Window menu


  • Print option added under File Menu
  • Added Cut with CraftROBO under Cutter menu
  • Fixed a problem with preview saved in project files
  • Fixed a problem with scaling with keep proportions enabled
  • Fixed a problem with SVG files importing at the incorrect size


  • Added Snap To option under View Menu
  • Import option can use PDF files
  • Fixed a problem with certain SVG files created from Illustrator


  • Added Cricut Cake option when cutting
  • Can move objects on the mat by clicking inside the shape


  • Fixed a problem with certain SVG files not opening in the previous update (2.011)
  • Fixed a problem with adding SVG files to the Personal Library
  • Added option to load font files from the Text menu
  • Added option to import SCAL Library lcut2 files under the File Menu


  • Added Text on Path tool under Type Tool
  • Added Line Style option in the Appearance properties
  • Added option to change the shapes color in the Appearance properties
  • Added Text menu to change fonts from the menu bar
  • Style menu changed in the Appearance properties
  • Added USB Driver install option under the Help menu
  • Added Winter, Spring , Summer, Fall shapes to the Library
  • You can import scut2 or SVG files by choose Import from the File Menu
  • Added Personal Library under the Window menu so you can store your SVG, SCUT files in a single folder. Folder location can be changed in the Preferences
  • Preferences has option to choose a folder where you should store your lcut2 library files. You should not store your own lcut2 files in the Sure Cuts A Lot 2 application folder anymore
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added Node Editing Tool to edit the nodes/points in the outlines
  • Added Drawing tool to draw lines and curves, add and remove points
  • Added Pause button to pause in the middle of cutting your projects
  • Added Boolean operations under the Path menu for doing Union, Intersection, Exclusion, Minus Front from Back, Minus Back from Fonts between two objects
  • Added option to convert text to outlines under the Path menu
  • Added Beach and Newborn shapes to the shapes list


  • Added preview option in the file choose dialog when choosing SVG files.
  • Added preview option in the file choose dialog when choosing SCUT2 files (This will only work with .scut2 files saved with version 2.008 or higher. If you have an older .scut2 file, you will need to open it in 2.008 and save it again).
  • Can now jump down in the font dropdown list when typing a letter.


  • Added button in Text Properties to temporarily load a TrueType or OpenType font file
  • Added rotate buttons in the Postion & Size Properties to rotate selected objects 45 degress
  • Update to handle new Lib It Up files


  • Added "Break Apart" option under Object menu
  • Added horizontal and vertical alignment button in the Position & Size Properties section
  • Added Paste (Auto Fill) to paste the copied object to fill the page
  • Added option to show outlines or fill objects on the mat for viewing purposes under the View menu
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed problem with OpenType fonts not showing in the font list
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed problem with flipping objects on the mat
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added menu items to move/scale/rotate objects under the Object menu
  • Added preference item to set the "Keep Proportions" option to be on/off by default
  • Added preference item to set the DPI for when importing SVG files
  • Various bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes including: activation issues; cutting half the design; opening projects with shadow/blackout/weld options
  • Easier to click in move/scale/rotate handles
  • Better SVG support


  • Added option to break apart traced images in the Trace Image window
  • Various bug fixes including: preview/cutting hidden layers; opening projects with correct mat size; saving/deleting workspaces; save last mat settings upon opening SCAL again


  • Initial Release